As Per the Recent BCI Amended Rules, Indian Advocates Can Advertise Now

As Per the Recent BCI Amended Rules, Indian Advocates Can Advertise Now

As all of us know that the Advocates Act, 1961 has barred Indian advocates from making any sort of advertisement in any kind of media be it newspapers, Internet, banners, etc.

As per BCI norms, legal profession was not a trade and hence advocates were not permitted to advertise their services.


As per an article in the Indian Express newspaper, it is clear that bar Council of India has taken a decision for letting the advocates advertise on Internet.


The Newspaper has been noticed to claim that the Bar Council of India [BCI] told that a three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice B N Aggarwal that it has decided to let advocates advertise on the internet.


Mr.V B Joshi had filed a petition challenging the Rule 36, Section IV of BCI rules, which stops Indian Advocates from advertising their services in public in the Supreme Court. The bench was hearing to the said petition. The BCI had made amendment in the above said rule, thereby allowing the Indian Advocates to Advertise their legal services in the website of their choice. This amendment allows advocates to mention their names, telephone numbers, e-mail IDs and professional and educational qualifications on the websites of their choice.

Justice S H Kapadia who was part of this three member bench perusing the amended notification, made a suggestion that Advocates may also add their area of specialization and number of years of experience to their profile on the website.

However, BCI said that the advertisement published is required to be within the fixed parameters and should abide the new rules and regulations. Any breach of the rules will be considered as professional misconduct. To have a look at the new set of rules framed by BCI you can go to, advocates advertisement on websites, 2008.

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